A Propos De Moi!

Indian mother of a 3 year old son, I have been living in the United States with my husband for six years. I enjoy cooking, reading English novels and French articles and listening to Indian music. Even though there are many educational blogs and French teaching resources, I decided to create my own blog. But why? What do you think the reason could be? Before answering, I would like to share a little story: how I fell in love with the Gallic language!

It was in 1999 during my high school that I chose French as a subject and then as a second language in 2002 until 2004 (in India, if you are studying in a school following the CBSE curriculum, you will have to choose a second language after English). After that, for my undergraduate studies, I started focusing more on engineering studies than the French language. But I continued to conduct French classes for school students and elementary level learners. This allowed me to finance my personal expenses.

And then, one day while I was talking with my French teacher, Mrs. Neha Bhagat, in 2009, she encouraged me to take the DELF A2. Being an obedient student, I seized the opportunity to prepare for two weeks with her help and I passed it! And since that day, the French language and I have been like two peas in a pod. After finishing my undergrad in 2010, I worked for various professional set-ups :  Amazon and TCS as a French Business/Market Analyst, then in an Indian high school and MBA college. I was even lucky enough to promote language learning through preparatory courses for about 100 school students. 

While I was just about to accept a position of HEAD TEACHER, FRENCH in one of the international schools in my hometown, little did I know that I’d meet my husband around the same time and would get married. Followed by an expatriate’s life abroad. 

Now comes the most important part of my learning, the intermediate language learning (B1 – B2) and then the proficient levels (C1 – C2). I have pursued all of these four levels with one of the best language instructors in the field : Mrs. Ruma Niranjan. In 2016, we started online learning, at a time when it was the exception rather than the rule it is today, since the pandemic. These five years have been a roller coaster ride from learning to personal challenges. 

But as Africans say “Smooth seas do not make skillful sailors”. We value success more when there are obstacles and people supporting us in our endeavors. My language learning story would be incomplete without a mention of my wonderful mentor Ruma. I’d sincerely like to thank her for her constant support and I definitely aspire to follow in her footsteps : providing constant support to my students. 

And, as I write this post to update my blog today, I’d like to share the news of my latest huge achievement : I am now a qualified and certified French teacher after successfully completing the DAEFLE (teacher’s training program). 

Being multilingual, language learning has not only made me more receptive towards others but also enhanced my decision-making skills. I can now better analyse a given situation through multiple perspectives. 

Additionally, raising a multilingual toddler (Hindi/English/Spanish/French) has shown me how much more confident he is while talking to others and how he can differentiate the use of various dialects pertaining to different situations. 

So, if are you ready for an extraordinary language learning experience?

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To know more about my professional qualifications, please click here

Now to answer the question – why am I writing this blog?

  1. While preparing for the advanced levels (DELF B2 to DALF C2 finals), I realized that there are very few articles and blogs for students like us. I always found myself searching in vain for inspiration from the work of other candidates.
  2. The desire to share my feelings, my point of view on what’s happening around the world. There are many topical issues that we, as citizens, need to reflect upon and make our contribution for a better world.
  3. This is equally a platform to demonstrate my pedagogical skills by creating resources for elementary and intermediate levels. 
  4. Lastly, this blog is also for high school students, teenagers who are preparing for the different exams such as the BAC, SAT where it’s all about bringing a new perspective in order to earn some extraordinary grades.

Therefore, this blog could help all of you: students, teachers, readers, language learners…

Please do write to me with your questions, comments and advice! 


  1. Who am I? 
    Please click on : About ME
  2. What are my professional qualifications?
    – DAEFLE (2021)
    – DALF C2 (2019)
    – B.E. (hons) in Electronics & Telecommunication
  1. What is my teaching experience?
    I have been teaching French since 2006. I have taught students from various countries : India, United States and online from children as young as 5 to pensioners.
  1. What is my teaching approach ?
    As you know, having recently finished my teacher’s training course DAEFLE, I would put into practice the pedagogical skills I have learned. I believe in using an active, learner-centered approach. Using inductive reasoning, they will be encouraged to observe and identify the language usage and rules at their own pace, all the while using French as the means of communication, an immersion pedagogy that contrasts with the traditional approach using translation into the learners’ mother tongue. Explanations are provided in English at the basic level. 
    Moreover, I believe in planning my lessons well in advance to optimize course time – an approach known as “flipped classroom”. 
    Lastly, as a non native teacher with a near native proficiency in French, I can intuitively understand various challenges language learners face and thus provide them a unique learning experience. 
  1. Who are these lessons for?
    Anyone who wants to study French (elementary to intermediate levels : A1, A2, B1, B2). All you need is Skype/Zoom, a decent Internet connection and some motivation.
  1. What type of classes do I provide?
    I provide various workshops from DELF exam preparation to conversation/writing skills classes. You can learn more about them by clicking here. 
  1. What are the advantages of online classes for a learner?
  • Save time, energy and money on travelling. 
  • Studying in the comfort of your home/office
  • Personalised lesson plans
  • Flexible schedule and pace of the classes. 
  1. How much does a lesson cost?
    Prices vary according to the type of lesson you want. Discounts can be offered for group and multiple sessions. Please contact me to know more about pricing. 
  1. Is there any demo session? 
    Yes, I can give a demo session for 30 mins for a nominal non-refundable fee of $5. 
  1. How can I book and pay for a lesson?
    You can write to me at flepourlezexperts@gmail.com and provide further details of the lesson plan you need. You can pay via PayPal/Venmo/Zelle or contact me for alternative ways. 
  1. Can I reschedule a lesson?
    You can always reschedule a lesson if you do it more than 24 hours before the start of the class by sending an email. 
  1. How can you learn more about my work?
    Follow me on my blog, youtube @flepourlezexperts, instagram @frenchforall.nyc, twitter @flepourlezexpe1 and facebook @flepourlezexperts.